Toprak Eco Industry is a worldwide EPC projects supply engineering company which provides essential business solutions for each client. Stable, reliable high quality business and is always open for improvement with its dynamic and professional team. Today, the three manufacturing companies that Toprak represents, own a number of modern facilities that employ state of the art technology to produce a wide variety of high quality international and local brands. We believe that it is our workforce that makes all the difference in what we are today and therefore we are committed to create a work environment where there is mutual trust and respect. Every member of our human 'asset' feels responsible for the performance and reputation of the company. In addition, we also provide procurement of spare parts and OEM products, machineries, international trading, as well as engineering and reverse-engineering. Toprak is also known for its global punctual delivery and competitive prices. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone, our workers, employees, directors, distributors who have helped us in achieving our current position, and our respectable customers who have provided us with the strength to survive under any condition so far.

Toprak Steel Industrial Projects and Foreign Trade Co

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